Goat Trails examines the gay nude cruising beaches that are isolated and hidden up and down the coast of California. Famous for their hard to access and unstable “goat trails”, the hikes hold mythical and sacred qualities, far from the real world and society. Because of this, the beaches have made it popular for men cruising for anonymous gay sex. On the edges of the beach near the canyon walls, “desire paths” can be found snaking through the landscape. Over the years, unclothed men have developed rituals in walking these paths, wandering in and out of areas covered by dense brush, into open canyons marked by a single, almost mythical looking, untamed palm tree. Within these beaches, the human-altered landscape has been interpreted and created from the natural environment to increase positive sexual performances during the pursuit of anonymous sex. The seemingly simple landscape is incredibly complex, the natural monument is no longer what it seems once you are introduced to the history and the use of the sites at play The act of photographing these locations where men have sex is more of a documentation of a landmark, all of its history may be stripped but the nuances of sexual tension can still exist without human presence in the photographs. Each cruising location is unique to its geography and the natural materials found nearby. When the summer season ends, the sex condos will most likely not survive the winter storms and the shifting of the tides and beach. The intricate and well-tended condos will never last forever